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New Life from the Rubble of Hurricane Dorian

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

We sat and listened intently to the survival story of a woman from Abaco Island, Bahamas. She began telling the harrowing experience of her mother and family, who found themselves trapped as the full force of Hurricane Dorian rolled over the island and began snapping trees, ripping of roofs, and pushing flood waters higher and higher. As the storm intensified, the woman's mother tied an electrical extension cord around her waist, waded into the surging flood waters and proceeded to fight her way to a tree in the yard on which she could tie the cord. One by one, the family members used the extension cord to pull themselves out of the house and through the swift moving flood waters. As the last person in the house grasped the extension cord and began to pull themselves away from the front door, the entire house was swept away.

It has been over two months since the storm, and nothing remains in the spot that she calls home.

Debris left by Hurricane Dorian in Marsh Harbor, Bahamas

What we found most astonishing about the woman's story was not the events that unfolded during the storm, but the strength and courage that the woman and her family exhibited each day after they had lost everything. This strength was found in every person we had the opportunity to meet from Abaco.

Their examples inspired us to create a project that not only gives back to these communities, but also symbolizes the strength of the Bahamian people and all those who have sacrificed and volunteered to improve the lives of those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

In partnership with the Reef Life Foundation, Eco Blue Projects plans to take the debris left by Hurricane Dorian and re-use it in artificial coral reefs. The beauty of the project will not only be seen in the underwater architecture of the coral reef, but in the symbol of new life growing out of the rubble. While not all the debris left by the Hurricane is usable in the artificial coral reef system, Reef Life Foundation and its material science team will be able to make approximately 90% of the reef out of recycled non toxic materials left by the storm.

By partnering with artists and architects, Eco Blue Projects and the Reef Life Foundation will install a massive underwater coral reef system developed out of the destruction of the Hurricane. The goal of the project will be to:

  • Restore critically needed coral reefs to the ocean

  • Provide a sustainable method to hurricane debris recycling that also benefits the environment

  • Create a beautiful memorial to remember the hundreds of thousands of people and organizations that have volunteered their time and resources

  • Provide a coral reef system that will bring critically needed tourism and jobs for local communities

  • Bringing new oceanic life and shoreline protection to the island

Eco Blue Projects is currently raising additional funds for this projects. We will be launching a GoFundMe for this effort in November during #GivingTuesday. You can also donate early to this project through a separate GoFundMe by clicking the following link: Donate Now!

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