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Gift a Reef. An Incredible Gift Dedicated to Those You Love.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

On many different occasions, my wife and I have discussed ways we could make the holiday season more meaningful. It is important to us that we do not miss the opportunity of giving to others through service, kindness, and thoughtful gift-giving.

How does the motto go? Tis better to give than to receive.

This season, Eco Blue projects in partnership with the Reef Life Foundation has a big goal. Plant a massive 20,000 square foot coral reef in areas affected by Hurricane Dorian.

What makes this project unique is that each piece will be assembled by individual coral reef habitats donated by you and thousands of other people.

Together we can help save the coral reefs!

In fact, the Reef Life Foundation already finished a similar project in the Caribbean. Here is a video of their St. Maarten reef which was planted about a year ago. After watching the video, it is easy to understand how big of an impact your simple gift of one coral reef habitat can make. To gift a reef and donate to this project visit the Reef Life Foundations "Gift a Reef" webpage: Gift a Reef Now!

You can learn about the incredible impact the Reef Life Foundation is having through their website at:

How does the gift work? You select the number of coral reef habitats you would like to donate. You then dedicate the gift to someone you love, and Eco Blue Projects emails you a personalized card in your email to share.

I know that my family will all be receiving this gift this holiday season. In fact, I already surprised my wife with one. Along with other people I love.

Here is the "Gift a Reef" I did for my wife. Share this gift with others through the Reef Life Foundations "Gift a Reef" website: Gift a Reef Now!

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