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Project Updates

Bahamas Marine Restoration Project after Hurricane Dorian

Eco Blue Projects raised over $13,000 to support those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Thank you to everyone who supported the effort, and we look forward to future projects and collaboration with our wonderful donors. Watch our Restoring Mermaid Reef after Hurricane Dorian video to see the project highlights. We are in discussions with Friends of the Environment in Abaco Bahamas to see if Eco Blue Projects can help in a large scale marine restoration project. 

St. Maarten Reef Restoration after Hurricane Irma

Current donations are being applied to the Sint Maarten Reef Restoration Project. To learn more about the status of the project, see Reef Life Foundation's recent press release:

The Reef Life Foundation invited Eco Blue Projects to its next phase of the St. Maarten coral reef project in January 2020. The team of scientists and Eco Blue Projects divers took data and analyzed the results for the IntelliReefs placed in 2018. We found that the IntelliReefs has restored biodiversity to the local marine ecosystems, and within a few months, had a higher coverage of biodiverse marine life than local natural reef structures. This project was a massive success, and you can learn more about the results through Reef Life Foundation: link.

FIRE Coral aaa.png

Coral Growth on St. Maarten site in less than one year of installation of Reef Life Foundation's IntelliReef Substrate.

An Ocean Friendly Gift

100% of your money goes to support coral reef conservation.

Every cent goes towards planting corals and coral research for "Super Corals", and advancing the materials used in the substrates for coral micro-fragmentation methods.

Our goal is to raise $500,000 in order to plant a beautiful 20,000 square foot coral reef garden in areas affected by Hurricanes.

Our Team's leadership, scientists, and volunteers join reef fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins and other sea creatures in thanking you for your efforts to Save Our Oceans! 

Corals For Outplanting Nature Foundation

Looking for a unique and environmentally friendly gift this giving season?  The "Gift a Reef" initiative uses your donations to plant coral reef habitats in areas affected by Hurricanes.  Every $25 donation adds 2 square feet of new coral reef to the ocean. Your gift will be in the form of a donation that can be on behalf of friends, family, or yourself.