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Two Months After Hurricane Dorian on Abaco Island Bahamas

It is difficult to summarize in words the destruction and terror Dorian left in its wake. I remember waiting out Hurricane Harvey in Houston with my Brother's family wondering if we would be okay, but Dorian was different. The families and individuals who survived Dorian on Abaco Island, Bahamas fought for their lives during the storm, and afterwards, were left stranded on a desolate island. Many families losing absolutely everything. Our Eco Blue Projects team had the opp

New Life from the Rubble of Hurricane Dorian

We sat and listened intently to the survival story of a woman from Abaco Island, Bahamas. She began telling the harrowing experience of her mother and family, who found themselves trapped as the full force of Hurricane Dorian rolled over the island and began snapping trees, ripping of roofs, and pushing flood waters higher and higher. As the storm intensified, the woman's mother tied an electrical extension cord around her waist, waded into the surging flood waters and proce

Eco Blue Projects Partners with the Reef Life Foundation for Bahamas Project

Eco Blue Projects is excited to announce a grant-based partnership with the Reef Life Foundation. The partnership will allow both organizations to provide environmental disaster relief to the Bahamas region, through Eco Blue Projects environmental recovery Bahamas initiative. Reef Life Foundation is a 501(c) based in the United States that is leading the way in innovative coral reef restoration and recovery. They recently installed an artificial coral reef in St. Maarten.

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